Films for the Forest is an annual juried short film collection that uses the power of creative storytelling to convene, empower, and activate global audiences to take action on behalf of the world's forests.

Connecting people with rainforests through the powerful medium of film

Launched by Rainforest Partnership in 2010, Films for the Forest invites filmmakers from around the world to share the voices and stories of forests worldwide, highlighting their rich biodiversity and local communities, their immense beauty and importance to the entire planet, the threats they face, and the opportunities for renewal.

Rainforest Partnership protects and conserves tropical rainforests, critical assets in the climate crisis. Working directly with indigenous and local communities as guardians and economic participants, our integrated approach supports sustainable livelihoods, thriving biodiversity, and long-term forest protection in the Amazon and beyond.

“Protecting standing tropical rainforests is a climate solution that plays a vital role in our collective future, no matter where on the planet we live. Films for the Forest connects people with rainforests through the powerful medium of film.”
Niyanta Spelman,
CEO of Rainforest Partnership
Water: Fertility & Prosperity

The theme for the 2024 competition is: "Water: Fertility & Prosperity". We aim to inspire filmmakers to showcase the importance of forests and water through their diverse talents and creative expressions.

2024 Featured Selections

Living Forests. Thriving Future.

Winners & Runner-ups

Judges Panel

A highly distinguished panel of judges selected this year’s films, and Rainforest Partnership expresses deep gratitude for their time and talents.

Our Partners

Growing our reach with global partners and platforms. Uplifting the work of other organizations and people in the rainforest conservation space, recognizing that our collective success is dependent on all of us succeeding.

If you would like to collaborate, contribute to or sponsor Films for the Forest, please email us at
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